A message from Jonathan the event organiser:

Hello there.  You're hopefully looking at this because you've received a "be our guest" invitation.

As the event organiser I accept that our neighbours are probably aware, if not affected by "Gather:Festival North" but might not know what it is or feel welcome to join in?

That's not our desire... we'd love you to come and join us and see what we're all about!

I'll try and explain what Gather is about:

Essentially.... Gather:Festival North is an annual event for Christians (those who've put their faith in Jesus and seek a personal relationship with Him) to come together and sing and worship our God, we speak to God through prayer and we believe He speaks to us in return.

It might sound a bit odd but that's what we mean by worship and prayer... and what we mean by revival is we as Christians have a mission to share God with the world... not by force but by demonstrating His love to others and allowing others to be drawn and called by God for themselves.... but this mission is fraught with distractions and difficulty as we have an enemy who seeks to stop us... so sometimes we need to re-focus and be revived in God's presence at events like this and at church each week where we meet with others and learn more about God!

So what are we inviting you to?
We'd love you to come on Friday the 3rd of August around 7pm, with a "be our guest ticket" which allows up to 2 people in for free... (£7.50 gate price usually) and experience God with us... you won't be pressured to do anything, just come see... there's a cafe on site and food vendor and there's even some guys who run a thing called "spirit cafe" in their tent you can receive a "spiritual reading" or be prayed for for healing and things like that...


We believe God loves you and has an AMAZING plan for your life... if you feel curious or a strange pull to know more then please do join us, even if you think this is completely bonkers and couldn't possibly be your thing, come anyway... you might be surprised.  One moment in God's presence has a habit of changing people's hearts forever :)

Headlining the evening is a band called "The Bright Expression" the track on the video below is there song "Consume me again"  and we've got our friend Jamie Daniels coming to share a brief message about what we believe.  There's no alcohol sold on site, but there will be a good atmosphere- as well as tea/coffee and hot chocolate.

If you like the Friday we'd love you to come on the Saturday or even the Sunday!

To find out more see

Promo video made with clips of last year's event.