Our Vision:

GATHER: is made up of individuals from different churches around the North East of England, brought together and sustained by the unity of the Holy Spirit (lots of us think this is a good, God idea).  Gather: started as a few heard the call to a spiritual awakening and GATHER: seeks to be a trumpet call, a spiritual call to arms.

We believe that God is calling His people to partner with Him in bringing profound and lasting change to our region and beyond. Northumbria was once the cradle of Christianity for Britain, though in recent centuries Northumberland has seemed marginalised in the Kingdom of God. Now the time feels right for our Christian inheritance to be renewed.


GATHER:EVENTS NE seeks to participate in God’s plan for Northumbria, we've held two annual festivals and regular evenings of worship and prayer, held in various venues throughout the county.  We see the gathering of God’s people, representing many denominations, as an expression of unity which God will always bless.  We believe when we Gather: God inhabits our praise and finds a resting place in the Earth, He can establish His government in an area from this place.  This brings peace, prosperity and blessings, like the ark did in David's time. 


While being located in Northumberland Gather: is open to anyone who has a heart to see God's kingdom come in the Earth and is willing to join in.


The annual gathering (in whatever form that might take) has significance in changing the spiritual atmosphere over our region; and the monthly GATHER:NIGHTS exploit this change to bring healing and renewal to God’s people, energising and empowering them for mission.  God has spoken to us of this being like setting fire to the region.  We gather and scatter and take that fire with us.


Our aims:

  1. To bring awakening, renewal, healing and empowerment  to God’s people in Northumbria, and beyond.

  2. To bring God’s people together in unity, humbling ourselves together before God and seeking His intervention in changing the spiritual atmosphere over our region.


Our core values:

  1. Unity.  We believe that if we work together, accepting diversity and honouring our differences, we will be obeying God in practice and positioning God’s church to receive His blessing.

  2. Holiness.  We choose to strive to live in a way which sets us apart from the world for God’s use.  We believe that purity of life is an essential prerequisite for revival.

  3. Prayer.  We commit to pray, both individually and corporately, for God’s blessing to be upon this region.


GATHER began in October 2015 with monthly meetings and the first festival came, 2 years later in August 2017 – 48 hours of non-stop worship and prayer in rural Northumberland, near Longhorsley.  The 2017 and 2018 festivals attracted over 300 people respectively and gained support from Houses of Prayer from around the UK and the World Prayer Centre.


Jonny Anderson

Gateway Church


Steve Gill

New Life Church

Seymour Pattisson

Trinity Church


Gaye Templeton


Methodist Church

Peter Shelley

St. Peters C of E

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